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Social Salsa dancing events
Salsadrome, Zoukarama & Tango Milonga
Next parties:  Friday 22nd August

Come and dance, start off with a warm-up beginners class in several to help get into the groove, styles of dance, all welcome, no partner necessary
fun warmup lessons 9-9.30pm for beginners followed by dancing
two dancefloors: Salsa / latin in studio one
Tango / Zouk practise session & social dancing in studio two.
9.30pm-12 Social dancing
Salsadrome is held at 22 Webb Street, Wellington
$10 casual cash entry on the door
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NZ Pacific Salsa Congress  
NZ Tango Festival



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 SALSADROME  Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington's first

Latin Dance Party

entry includes beginners intro lessons 9 - 9.30pm


courses also run prior to this on fridays  for more info see www.dancetango.co.nz 

Argentine Tango, Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Zouk and Rueda

Groove to the best latin music in town.

Check out the lessons from 8pm then dance the night away to the latest and greatest in Afro Caribbean and Latin Salsa Sounds. Remember we have two studios offering latin dance styles salsa, merengue, zouk, bachata, samba, cumbia, reggaeton in one and tango in the other.

see "class" tab for weekly salsa classes

Phone /text:  021 8482 53

for more info






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courses with the Wellington Tango School



 take some time At the Tango Bar 
where you can learn and practice this elegant dance

authentic Tango Argentino.
With two studios, enjoy tango and salsa when you want during the evening.


* Courses at 22 Webb st

* Victoria University classes

at the rec centre, Kelburn.


For more info check out:


Phone/text:  021 8482 53

Email: wellingtontangoschool@gmail.com





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Zoukarama. Zouk dance and practice.


At the Salsadrome & Tango milonga nights there is a space available for Zouk practice with Music and other Zouk dancers and teachers. We call this the Zoukarama. BYO favourite zouk on ipod / CD

 Zouk music along with Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia and other latin dance music always features with Salsa in T One on Salsadrome nights. along with a finale of lots of Zouk and Bachata towards the end of the evening.






Zouk is a style of rhythmic music originating from the islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique and Haiti. Zouk means "party" or "festival" in the local creole of French with English influences. 


 a bit about Zouk & Bachata

Brazilian *Zouk-Lambada* & Caribbean *Bachata* are sensual spicy dances originating from Latin-America and can be danced to most modern/contemporary music as well as the traditional latin music
Brazilian Zouk Lambada was developed in Rio de Janeiro in the mid to late 1990s, and is now becoming more and more popular with all ages over the world, 
Zouk is amazing to watch and even more fun to dance ! It is comes from the original 70s Lambada dance but adapted to more modern music with a slow-quick-quick beat. 
Bachata is from the Caribbean in particular Dominican Republic and has a 1,2,3 and 4 rhythm usually with a more ballard / bolero style of romantic music with some funky modern adaptations from artists like Romero Santos & usher 




In Brazil, the zouk rhythm is used to dance a Brazilian style derived from the Lambada, however, with movements more suited to the music. The Lambada is usually very fast and frantic. Unlike that, the zouk in Brazil is often slow and sensual, enabling many steps and turns.


Soulzouk was created in 2005 by a teacher from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Soulzouk, or zouk "freestyle" is a new way of dancing zouk that is from Brazil. More contemporary, it differs from traditional Brazilian Zouk by a new way to connect with the music. This way of dancing is not based only on the pace, but on the melody of the song, which means it can, not only be danced with zouk music but also with a variety of musical genres like rap or R 'n'B. The gentlemen leads not only his hands and arms, but also with his legs, shoulders and head.


there are a few dance schools in Wellington teaching Zouk and bachata, check out our classes and  links page



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